Healthcare Reform

Employers are being tasked with many important financial decisions as healthcare reform emerges. MAC will lead employers through the technical and financial concerns to achieve the best possible solution for their employees and the organization.

Evaluating current and emerging health benefit options

Healthcare reform not only imposes new requirements on existing programs, but also creates new benefit options for many employers. Employers need to consider their specific culture, financial constraints, employee characteristics and benefit program objectives to arrive at the optimal strategy for their current and future health benefit program.

Managing shared responsibility risk

The rules regarding which employees must be offered healthcare benefits are in a state of flux. Some penalties under the Affordable Care Act are more onerous than others, and the cost of avoiding them may be much greater than the penalty. MAC can help you consider the options and anticipate how each will play out in future years.

Avoiding / minimizing the excise tax for high cost plans (Caddy-plan tax)

Employers need to consider now the likely financial impact of this tax on their ability to continue providing benefits to employees and on the organization’s bottom line. It’s obvious that more than ever before, employers need to lower the cost of their employees’ health benefits and stem the rate of cost increases. What’s not obvious is how to do that. MAC’s extensive experience with employer provided healthcare benefits, current engagements with programs with proven success managing cost trends, and insights into the intricacies of the ACA rules uniquely qualify us to help employers find the best solution for them.

Since it may take time to fully implement and realize the cost advantages of these solutions, it’s important to be aware of strategies that can be used to minimize the tax, particularly for those who are already close to (or over) the Caddy tax thresholds.