Healthcare Innovations

At the same time our society grapples with the high cost of healthcare and government efforts to expand and manage health plans, vast arrays of innovations are emerging with regard to healthcare benefits and healthcare service. These innovations range from provider payment approaches such as ACOs and PCMHs, to treatments for sleep disorders or alternative medicine, to smartphone apps to help manage disease and wellness. It is challenging to see how these innovations fit into existing benefit plan structures or what the financial impact might be. MAC will support innovators in their quest to integrate their good work into the fabric of healthcare protections.

Actuarial modeling

In addition to showing clinical efficacy, it is critical to demonstrate to benefit plans, employers and other payers the financial advantages of these innovations. MAC will develop actuarial models utilizing available actuarial and clinical data to demonstrate potential savings.

Value demonstration

Many valuable innovations have been discarded after short successes due to failure to prove that they work. To avoid this fate in the healthcare space, it is necessary to design an actuarially sound analysis method and implement data structures to capture the necessary information. MAC’s experience with healthcare data and analytics along with knowledge of how employers and health plans think assure that value is recognized.

Achieving recognition for success

Part of demonstrating value is getting the word out. MAC will help you develop credible, evidence-based documentation of your success, which can be used for articles to be published in business and medical journals read by the audiences you need to reach. MAC’s experience presenting technical information to both technical and non-technical audiences will be helpful as you craft your message.